Wednesday, 5 December 2012

H and M, Maison Martin Marigela Collection, Fashion 2012

So I went to H and M with my friend Isi, when we were both in New York.  We were in a shopping centre I can’t remember the name of, just down from Times Square near the top (or bottom) of Central Park.  I always go into H and M, whichever town or city I’m in, as sometimes you find something they don’t have in any other branch of the store, and plus, I love their stuff.   So the first thought that came to my mind was ... why is everything creased?  Literally, every piece was hanging, totally wrinkled.  I saw the promotions and realised that it was the store’s opening day, and they must have, only hours before, just taken the clothes out of boxes.  The big news in the store was a cordoned off, security guarded section, MMM’s line.
Now, I do like fashion, I am a girl.  But I am not one of those girls who spends every morning picking out an outfit, blow-drying my hair, matching accessories, shoes, eye shadow etc for 2 hours.  But I have been quite interested by the looks this year (Or what I consider them to be.) 

In the spring, round the  end of April, I had a big job interview in Spain, and I went looking for an outfit through all the Spanish shops, to name a few, Blanco, Bershka, P and B, Pimkie, Shana, Mango, Zara.  I noticed a serious Spring primrose trend of block colours and I haven’t seen it leave all year.  Block coloured jeans, bold bright garish jeans in pinks, red, green, blue, plum.  And let’s not forget the pastel sensation that took over the shops, and I saw this is Barcelona in the line of other shops too (H and M, other international high street stores.)  Every shade of pastel (especially mint green.) And including, peach, cream, yellow, green, blue and any other “baby” colour you can think of, in every type of clothing and accessory you could imagine; shirt, bag, dress, jeans, shoes, blazers! There was a blazer craze too at that time.  (You saw them everywhere in all shades of pastels and brights.)  
Now it’s winter I am still seeing plain block coloured clothing in the high street (obviously among other patterned clothing as well) the bold jeans are still there, which I like to see, but a darker tone has crept in and the coats are taking up a large amount of room.  Black, Blue, brown and 50 shades of grey.   

So, I stepped into the VIP-esque MMM section and decided to take a look.  This was the lines launch and the store had pulled the stops out.  There were first day promotions and a DJ.  All we needed were flutes of champagne!  The most striking aspect of her collection was the bagginess of it all.  The coats and jeans were all huge.  The majority of the clothes were way too out there and expensive for me to even consider buying, but some of it I liked.  The ballet pumps with the clear plastic block heel were innovative, and weather proof (think spice girl shoes) and came in tan and black.  The accessories were wacky.  MMM has combined funky, actually guitar case shaped bags (full size at 400 USD) and had combined both gloves and the guitar theme on a smaller scale to make bags, with gloves sewn in as the handle.  The actual clothes took a backseat to the pieces that stood out so obviously.  There were a lot of baggy floor length coats, and inside out jeans, could be quite cool for a different look.  The trainers also caught my eye, they had some bright colours i.e. red, but the collection mainly stuck to beige, brown, black grey  and blue. 

The thing that struck me most about it was not the clothes or accessories themselves but the way they had been designed.  It was innovative, the designer has put together new methods in terms of making things, such as the handbags and jackets and jeans, so that the actual material almost takes a backseat to the never-seen-before.  Nothing was regular, everything was unique and tweaked, however at first glance you may have just seen large long plain coloured coats bags and trainers on the wall.  The way the pieces were combined and designed really was something I had never seen before.

Scroll down for some pics, and hope you enjoyed the blog. J


Sunday, 2 December 2012



So, during the summer I had a revelation.  For those of you who read my previous posts you may have seen my complaints about recent University graduate job prospects, recession etc.  I was finding myself doing the same, practically minimum wage bar and restaurant waitress work and I was tired of it.  I wanted to do something creative, something I enjoyed, and was proud to be doing, and also something that financially compensated all the hard work and dedication I knew I had.  It was probably my boyfriend who planted the seed of an idea.  He asked me, what do you want to do?  Why don’t you do something related to what you studied?  Now, I am not alone in the predicament many young people find themselves in today: What do I want to do?  Half of my friends with graduate jobs have job titles that a) their friend’s dad invented for them and b) didn’t exist ten years ago – Assistant marketing manager, Head of Social Media? See?? 

So what did I want to do?  What was related to what I studied, (English Literature) and an old dream reared its head.  I always wanted to be an actress, and I never focussed on doing it.  Some small desire in (as my teacher MJ likes to call it, the deepest place in your heart) called to me, and, for some reason, I had to listen to it, I simply had to.

Even though the entertainment industry is notoriously cut-throat and difficult to break into, I wasn’t keen on any other industries, nor was I finding any way into them so it was a case of, trying to follow my dreams, and seeing what happens.  I thought to myself, if it’s this hard trying to find a nine to five, which I won’t like anyways, then I’d rather be struggling, but headed towards somewhere I actually want to be.  And, you never know until you try, and even if you fail, at least you tried.  That was my logic anyway.

I applied to an acting course in Los Angeles.  I wanted to leave London and I thought, well, you want to be in TV and films, go to Hollywood!  The School accepted me and off I went, full of hope and anticipation.  The things I learnt during those three weeks of intensive training, and my time in the states could cover many different posts, so I am going to go through my teachers one by one.   There are four of them.  I’ll start with my favourite.  Aaron Lustig.

  Aaron took us for a class called Acting for TV and Film which one could also translate to Acting for Camera as a skill in itself.  From the first day the school surprised and shocked me.  But Aaron took us on the Tuesday.  After that first crazy Monday (we had 2 different classes and it was the longest day of the week) I was ready for anything. 

So Aaron walks in, Mr. Charisma and Jokes, and introduces himself and we go through and introduce ourselves.  Then he gives us a pep talk ... something along the lines of “So you want to be actors ... well, it’s a tough business, but with dedication, skill training and talent you can become liberated artists free to play any role you want; which is why I always play Lawyers and Doctors and audition with a bunch of bald Jewish men who look just like me. (rolls eyes ... que laughter all round.)

Then he proceeded to call us f***ers ... Sorry Aaron had to put this up there!  He was demonstrating his like for swearing.  All jokes aside he gave us some valuable advice, some funny stories .. (all the teachers had famous actor stories .. someone would mention Brad Pitt and they would say .. oh here’s my Brad Pitt story ... He smokes loads on set!  It’s disgusting!)  And he did some really interesting exercises with us.

The exercises on camera can be cringe worthy, when you watch play back you can see everyone thinking:  Wow, did I not wash my hair today?  Why do I frown so much?  Why do I blink so much .. Oh my god my face is wonky, one eye is bigger than the other ... ect!  Especially when you are under ECU (Extreme close up).  The first exercise we did was the I love You exercise which worked on subtext.  Saying the phrase I Love You whilst being filmed, in front of 10 people you only met yesterday, plus your acting teacher, with a subtext of I Hate You was no mean feat.  Aaron did a lot of camera work with us including monologues, both being filmed full body and close up to teach us the difference between these two, and an elevator scene we had to put our own subtext to.  We also watched back and learnt from others work in the classroom.  The conversation exercise was also interesting.  Having a normal conversation, recording it, and then having to have the conversation again, learnt off book and in front of the class.

Acting for TV and Camera was one of my favourite classes.  Aaron is full of practical advice and probably the most coherent teacher to help you actually find work and give industry advice.  He is also a sweetheart, and a well established and working actor himself, who has taught me a world of things about the subtleties and nuances of on-camera acting.  Thank you Aaron, it’s time to put your work into practice.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

University - Is It Worth It?

I chose to study English Literature with Modern Languages at Roehampton University in London. If I had had a pound for every time I have been asked "What job are you going to get with that?" I may have been able to pay off a sizeable amount of loan.

So what job am I going to get? We are told that a University Education increases our chances of higher wages by 200% (direct quote from my head of 6th form) so ... will that happen to me? I see two possible outcomes a) I am going to be a high-flying earner in TV or advertising or publishing or something equally yawn-worthy if I get a 2-1, or if I get a 2-2 I may become b) a dole-dosser eating value bacon sandwiches and smoking weed all day in my council house, of course there is always c) an unrelated anomaly result such as becoming a pop singer or actress, TV presenter or the like. Will it make no difference at all? Perhaps because my University isn't Red-brick and there's "loads of competition in the job market" I will head straight to option b) ... perhaps it isn't even anything to do with University and my sparkling personality will hold strong through interview and get me where I want to be without a second glance at that Education section on my Curriculum Vitae? Truth is, right now it's January and I won't know until June at least what grade (if any?!?) I may achieve. And until I finish University I won't know if it has all been worth it, and if I will end up earning more than 15K a year, and returning the money kindly lent to me by the SLC. So, if it's such a big chance, with no actual guarantee of positive final outcome (obviously bar medicine and law) why do so many students enrol themselves into this often boring, stressful, difficult, long and costly process?

The recent student riots that took place have brought the issue of University to the forefront of Pubic attention, highlighting the financial strain it can take, and the tripled debt prospects for students who do not have the funds to pay for their studies upfront. The "connundrum" of University is so multi-faceted I hardly know where to begin.

So lets see, obviously when deciding whether or not to go to University, one must be in Education, heading towards achieving you A Levels, or equivalent. Surprisingly, for a girl who went to an Independent, high-achieving (academically) school, and is now a final year undergraduate student, a large amount of my friends actually don't have any GCSEs. Apart from those friends at University, most of my friends that I hang out with went to local schools close to my home area in London, which has a large amount of low-achieving schools. Some of my friends from this area of London, went to schools such as Burlington Danes, Sion Manning, or Holland Park, which can be seen on the Teach First Charity list.

So, as you can imagine, I often find it difficult to concentrate at University, and have often considered dropping out. I don't know what the final outcome will be, but I do know the experiences I have had during these past Two and a half years. I have to say, I believe University Education to be fairly overrated. I think that those who are exceptionally high-achieving academics should not hesitate to study, but that people should not enter lightly into a University Education. There are many other routes to take, and most millionaires did not go to University, take for example, Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, (Ok they sing and play football) but neither did Richard Branson, and he's a businessman, with his own set of Islands.

There is no conclusion to this blog .. I know you love a bit of mystery. If you are thinking of going to University these days and do come from a less-financially developed background 9grand a year may actually be out of grasp to imagine, however if it is really what you want to do go for it. I urge people however, like myself, who are in doubt about what they want to do in life, which subjects they want to study ect, to really research and be ready to commit, with the knowledge in mind that whilst you study, life happens. And it sometimes gets in the way...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Following my last post, I decided to go into detail about some of the more interesting less known places I've been ... starting to feel like a travel journalist!

Lethem, Border Town, British Guyana, South America:

If I had to describe this town in one word it would be AIDS. (Because, as I found out after I left, over 90% of the population suffer from the disease.) The other word would be backwards – their border was a river you could have swum across, and when I got stamped into the country the guy signed his name on my passport – Pugsley. What a joke. The entire place was like an open farmyard and the woman who we stayed with ran a restaurant that received one customer in our three day visit. Her daughter was obsessed with the colour white, I bought flip-flops and she convinced me to get white ones, when we watched the horses go past she said she dreamed of having her own beautiful white horse one day, and she stared at my skin so much it started feeling embarrassed. This Country receives little tourism, but it was the biggest eye opener I experienced during my three months in South America.

Manali,. India,

This towns closest airport is Kulu, and from there it takes one hour to reach the breathtaking town of manali. Marijuana plants grow freely by the roadside, adn as we were walking up one day from the town to the hotel a gorilla about twice as large as me was casually having a good old rummage in the bins. Being at the foothills of the Himalayas you obvious have a stunning backdrop and the air and the water (especially coming from London) is really something else.

Recife, Brasil

Recife was the last town I stopped in as I was heading South before I really got to the most visited towns in Brasil (Salvador, Rio and Sao Paulo.) It was in Recife where I saw my first favela, with a street kid I got talking to as my tour guide. It was wierd. My “tour guide’s” girlfriend was pregnant but wouldn’t let me buy her any food, she only wanted money (undoubtedly for crack.) I did give her some clothes though which she could grow into as she got bigger! The favela in that town was, as I said something else! It was like walking into a miniature town where they were running an open plan laundrette, old peoples home and nursery all meshed into one, in the street. Clothing lines, wrinkled old men, scrawny dirty kids, screaming babies, bags of drugs and disgustingly dirty banknotes everywhere you looked. And everywhere you looked everyone was looing at you, the gringo. Memorable and definitely worth a visit if you can get someone to show you the real side.

Friday, 1 October 2010


I read on someone elses' blog that each City in the world can be summed up in a word. I like this idea, however surely, according to your own personal experience places can mean different things? I mean, if you found your true love in Islamabad, it could be a more of a romantic city to you than say Paris or Rome, although the latter two are widely considered as typically romantic cities, and were "summed up" as I read, as romance and sex. I made a little list of some of the places I have been, not just cities, the memories I have of them and the impressions they made on me personally. I couldn't sum them up in a word so I expanded to a sentence Feel free to comment if you had a totally diffferent experience, or just to read, and get some ideas. I also put a list after of some of the places I still want to go to and why.

Enjoy! X

Ibiza, Spain – My birth town, Santa Eulalia, beautiful, special, like nowhere else, relaxed, calm and hippy, happy, party.

London, U.K – Diverse, buzzing, fast paced, cosmopolitan, big.

Rio De Janeiro, Brasil – Sexy, sunny, short.

Sao Paulo, Brasil – Beautiful, unexpected, romantic,

Bologna, Italy, - Sights, shopping with friends, Oldest university in Europe and quaint feel.

Berlin, Germany – Party city, fun times, extended stay, post-club kebabas, and Australians

Amsterdam, Holland – Hostels, weed, boats, typical tourist stay, (viewing only – red light district.)

Barcelona, Venezuela – A beautiful sunrise, and the start of an adventure

Marseille, France – Holidaying with a friend and family, good times, nice beaches.

Mexico City – Smoky, busy, poverty striken, huge and confusing.

Delhi, India – Something else! rickshaws, beggars, bad smells. Markets and clothing and a small village on a grassy patch next to a roundabout.

Caracus, Venzuela – Bewildering, busy, similar to Spain i.e. road signs, buildings, first place I ever went to outside of Europe.

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain – Architechture, cool clubs as venues but a lot of mainstream music, metro, coloured trainers and tight jeans everywhere!

Belem, North Brasil – Mangoes and Amazonian marijuana, had a great time.

Karlstad, Sweeden – Clean and cute, friendly and beautiful northern lights and people.

Oslo, Norway – Expensive! Breathtaking scenery, super clean air.

New York (Airport only) Huge portion of chips and Elephant size sandwiches, fingerprints just on a stopover!!?? US security is tight.

Places I want to go and Why

Tokyo, Japan - This one is a little random, but Japanese culture intrigues me, the low tables, the animation in the films, Memoirs of a Geisha is also one of my favourite books, I've read it several times so it would be cool to see the places mentioned there.

Sydney, Australia - The other side of the world, see how it feels to be upside down, the beaches, the parties. Australia has certain things you just don't get anywhere else - I don't want to die without having seen a Kangaroo in it's natural habitat! Plus, when you do travel you tend to run into a lot Australians, so I have a few people who I have promised a visit to.

Los Angeles, USA - Again this one is obvious, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, beach clubs ect. However, I also want to see some other places in California, it's the American state that interests me most, I mean Joni Mitchell wrote a song about it, so did the guys from the OC soundtrack, so did x, y and z, I want to know what all the fuss is about.

New York, USA - I was in Newark Airport coming back from Mexico and it made an impression on me, I still need to go and explore the city, drink the coffee, eat an apple in the big apple and go see the Empire State Building.

Paris, France - Another big building that needs climbing, La tour Eifel, (probably spelt wrong -sorry) I hae been to France loads, however, never made it to Paris, La Louvre, the Champs Elysee amongst other sites are on my to see list.

There are obvious many other places I want to travel, even for silly reasons (Russia because I'm one eighth Russian, Austria becuase my Grandmother was from there.) And I wouldn't say no to a free ticket anywhere, it's always cool to get to know new places, even if you have a lousy time you always learn something. Hope you enjoyed reading, Big love X

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ibiza / Chandras Birthday / Barcelona

I have been a very bad blogger as of late, however life has been nothing of interest for months now; it is just starting to get there. From march to may I was working as a waitress and studying for end of year exams in London. As soon as I finished uni I went to Ibiza and worked some more as a waitress in a beach bar for the three summer months of june, july and august. I figure in my life I have now carried more than a million plates in various restaurants in England and now Spain. Whilst doing this nothing of particular interest happened I was just working and saving; so not going out loads either.

Towards the end of the summer one of my best friends has her birthday, and as she works in nightclubs dancing our group of friends from Ibiza always have a reunion in a club and generally we all enter free, sit in the VIP and take lots of drugs. I hate to give Ibiza this sterotypically bad name, but it is only an annual event and who isn't partial to a little MDMA punch once in a while? Ibiza wasn't like that for me all summer anyways, just so you know.

So this year Chandrita was 21. I didn't even see that much of her during the night, spending most of the time at the staff bar with everyone and dancing with Sophie and Maya in the centre of Amnesia. The punch was insane and I knew I had work the next day but I didn't care; so I took a few shots. I have never had any drug that felt quite so good .. I literally floated round the club feeling as if I weighed nothing at all, it was incredible.

Before we knew it, it was about 7 or 8 am and time to leave. Maya, her boyfriend, another random guy Sophie and I all headed out together in the same car. Everyone had copious ammounts of alcohol and MDMA in their systems, including Maya, the driver.

As we pulled out onto the Autovia, who should be there but the Guardia Civil, checking any cars they wanted. As we were full of under- 25s you can guess what happened. No licence, no Identification and a breathaliser that showed her way over the limit and we were looking at being stuck there and the driver in jail. Maya called a friend Dean to drive over and pick us up, Dean is a crazy party animal, however doesn't drink alcohol so he was cool to drive us. We waited whilst Maya did the test again after ten minutes. Same result, as she had no ID the only passage out of the Guardia Civil layby was 250 Eurazos, (big euros). Everyone clubbed together and coincidentally the total sum of everyones money was exactly what we needed,

Only problem was of course, that there were now 6 of us to fit in Deans car. By this point it was about 930am and I was starting to wonder whether I would make it work at 1030.. so I said I would crouch in the back so the Guardias only saw 3 heads. Luck finally came back on our side and they let us go, happy with their dollar.

The story ends here for everyone else, we all went back to the guy whose name I can't remembers house, and I asked Dean to take me into Santa (the nearest town) where I would get my daily lift into work on the back of my colleaugue Barneys motorbike. Barney and myself met for coffee, I recounted the crazy night and then we headed off. I don't quite know what happened, whether it was the grit on the road, the speed we were going or if I actually nodded off on the back of the motorbike but suddenly when we turned the corner we ended on the ground.

It was only a fall but when we got up I could see Barneys ankle bone and his whole forearm was cut. My knee was covered in blood. We got back on and continued to work. When we arrived Barney got taken to the doctors and I began to set up the restaurant, after an hour or two I was feeling royally shit and went for a ciggarette and began to cry (what a baby.) And here the story ends; I got sent home and slept until 930pm. During august I had taken another job after the beach which finished around 7 or 8pm in a Pizzeria. This started at 9pm. So I lost that job by sleeping through it and shortly afterwards finished working at the beach for the end of the season. Isn't it funny sometimes you can have a very boring period of your life and all of sudden so many absurb and random things happen to you in the space of 24 hours.

As an english girl who was born in Spain and lived in Ibiza perhaps 35 or 40% of my life (all added together) I now face one year in Barcelona studying abroad, and going to school in Spain for the first time since Guarderia (Nursery.) What happened with the 250euro fine is a typical example of some of the differrences between England and Spain, however when I came over two days ago on the flight to Barca I managed to save myself 120 english pounds for an overweight suitcase by giving the guy at the check in a tenner. So this really does happen in England too. The world never ceases to amaze me. I could write a whole other blog on the differences between England and Spain but I think you may be losing interest already, and perhaps it's best to save that for when I've been in Barcelona a little longer and can tell you from this perspective.
Wish me luck and love and peace to you all X

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Now, don't get scared by the title of this post. I'll try and keep it as clean as possible.

In all honesty, I never watch porn, never never never ever. The first time I saw some porn scarred me and I steered well clear of it ever since, up til recently.

When I was round about 13/14 and at Boarding school, during the two hours after school and before dinner when we had "free time" I went for a walk from my boarding house (Hood) to the boys boarding house (Hawke) to visit my brother. I don't recall the reason for the visit, perhaps it was to deliver a message from the parents, or just to see how he was getting along, or just something to do. I was very innocent at this age, bear in mind please.

I arrive and wait in the hallway for a someone from my brothers year to walk through so I can ask them to go upstairs and tell my brother I was there. (That's how things were done in boarding school, girls aren't allowed upstairs in boys houses) No one came so I summoned up the courage to walk into the "dayroom," (sitting room style place full of uncomfy chairs and a vintage TV, and boys.) Luckily a boy from my brothers year was sitting on a chair on his own at the back, with a laptop on his lap. I knew the guy so I went over to ask him to get my bro downstairs for me. Unfortunately when I walked up behind him I saw what was on the screen of the laptop!! At first I didn't know what it was, however I soon realised that this was two people having sex, totally naked!!! I had never seen porn before so I blushed and screamed. I also knew that this was definitely against the school rules, and that no one could make fun of me if they didn't want their laptop confiscated. All the boys thought it was hilarious, my brother included, and that was my first at last porno viewing for many years.

So let us fast forward to the present day. A guy I've been texting had been mentioning that he was watching porn when I asked him what he was up to, and I replied something along the lines of well, I've never watched porn before (bar the boarding school glimpse) and his response was pure disbelief. I decided then, that it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Someone told me once before that the internet is 90% porno material, so i figured it would be easy to find something, and before long I was at with a good friend of mine in tow to watch a few videos.

From what I watched here is what I can deduce about them:

All the girls have -
-the same style "down there" (totally shaved apart from a vertical strip above where the top of their vag starts)
- long nails, and ALL of them have french manicures
- Navel piercings
-Bleached bum holes
-Long hair
- Faces that would be deemed unnattractive if it wasn't for the rest of the body and layers of foundation
- Fake boobs (mostly really badly done, in my opinion not sexy fake boobs)

And all the guys have

- SCARILY large penises.

Now, none of the above characterists turn me on.

So why do people watch it? It didn't do much for me, it was entertaining to go "urgh look at that," but in a "lol" way, rather than a sexual way, if you know what I mean. There was one video in particular where the girl looked really scared and when she glanced into the camera there was a severe look of fear in her face. The only emotion this evoked from me was sympathy, it did not make me horny.

The videos that kind of had a storyline to them were better, there was one with a girl and her personal trainer that started of clean, they just did some excercise reps, and then afterwards she started giving him a blow job. Whilst she was doing this she started counting, which did make me laugh (like he was doing to her whilst she was working her abs lol)

However, the videos get long, and I didn't find them pleasureable. After a while with one I turned to Sophie (my friend) and said, "He's not coming, I'm getting bored, shall we just put some music on instead?" She agreed. We then passed the rest of the afternoon pleasurably chatting and listening to songs.

So, I gave it a go, and seven years on Porn does just as little for me as it did in Hawke senior dayroom. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is a time and a place in the right company where I could enjoy it, however I don't get why someone would watch it at home alone. But then again I'm not male... which could hold the key to the answer.